7 Less-Known-Yet-Helpful Python Libraries for 2017

#1 Arrow Mobile apps are everywhere and are often meant for global population – be it for games, social media, health monitoring and whatnot. However, the problem with the standard data/time library for Python is that it doesn’t meet the requirements of modern apps that have their target audience living in different regions and countries.… Continue reading 7 Less-Known-Yet-Helpful Python Libraries for 2017

Make an awesome toast with SSL Certificates.

An SSL Certificate is a text file with encrypted data that you install on your server so that you can secure/encrypt sensitive communications between your site and your customers. Now, you need to create a CSR (certificate signing request) and purchase a certificate. Their Validation team validates and processes your certificate request. Once validated, they… Continue reading Make an awesome toast with SSL Certificates.

Python vars()

python vars() It has never been easier to create a dictionary of an object (actually, it was not dificult but, its very boring and lengthy process) for me until I got vars(). Lets say we have a class, from django.db import models class Foo(models.Model): field1 = models.CharField() field2 = models.CharField() Take an object of that… Continue reading Python vars()

Game of Unicode

Detecting unicodes of characters In this chapter, we are going to learn about unicodes and their applications. Unicode provides a unique number for every character, no matter what the platform, no matter what the program, no matter what the language. The Unicode Standard has been adopted by such industry leaders as Apple, HP, IBM, JustSystems,… Continue reading Game of Unicode

Installations of CMS like Mezzanine, Wagtail and Cartidge

Cartidge Cartridge is a shopping cart application built using the Django framework. It is BSD licensed, and designed to provide a clean and simple base for developing e-commerce websites. It purposely does not include every conceivable feature of an e-commerce website; instead, Cartridge focuses on providing core features common to most e-commerce websites. Cartridge extends… Continue reading Installations of CMS like Mezzanine, Wagtail and Cartidge